Philosophers’ Round-table: Introduction to Philosophy Part I



This course introduces methods and imparts abilities to critically analyse life’s milieu and to consider complicated questions and issues by taking part in debate with the structured scrutiny of ideas and issues. Philosophy teaches us to rationally consider our own beliefs, our actions and morality – training us to become more considered and thoughtful individuals.

The course will help participants develop a reasoned approach to many societal and cultural issues explored on the course. The logical approach will help participants analyse their own ideas and opinions – they will learn to consider different perspectives other than their own and create concise, rigorous and eloquent arguments. Through creative, interesting lectures and workbooks, and through fun, interactive games and activities, the course aims to produce critical, caring, creative and collaborative thinkers.


  • Introduce participants to basic philosophical concepts.
  • Foster creative and analytical thinking.
  • Guide participants to create cohesive, concise arguments and debates.
  • Develop self-evaluation, morality and logical thinking.