Essential Success Grammar Level 1 and Level 2 (Beginners-Advanced: Ages 6 to 10 years) by Seeds of Success



Challenging and exciting small aptitude-based classes are stimulating for learning and reinforcing essential skills. Open classes are suitable for ages 6-10.

Grammar comes alive with Essential Success Grammar Level 1-2! Engaging activities and experientially rich lessons provide a multi-faceted and interesting multiple intelligence context for grammar acquisition.

Sign up for a free trial class and receive a 20% discount for 10 lessons and a set of Essential Success Grammar and Grammar Answers books. Offer valid until 7 July 2016.


  • Key skills for mastery of the English language are integrated fully by learning from life experiences.
  • Understanding and command of correct standard English can be applied for performance in Science, Maths and other subjects, as well as English.
  • Lifetime grounding in accurate English language and communications skills ensures enhanced progress in academic, life and career preparation.