House of Commons Debating & Persuasion



When students participate in debate, they learn to study issues in depth, form perspectives and make structured, persuasive arguments. The course is focused on developing rational and logical lines of enquiry, the ability to structure rebuttals and counterpoints, and the ability to form cohesive and persuasive presentations.

Debating will allow participants to gain access to ongoing topical social discussions, enabling them to develop into active members of society and potential public figures of the future. Through a detailed study of our cultures’ most important talking points, the course explores methods of improving presentation skills, where participants will develop confidence and character in their ability to hold their positions, inform, entertain and persuade their audiences.


  • Create creative, cohesive and concise arguments for debate.
  • Develop their own opinions and consider counter arguments.
  • Develop a toolkit for analysing and deconstructing arguments.
  • Discuss a wide range of social and cultural issues and topics.