About Us


These are questions we ask every day at the British Academy For English Language (BAFEL), an institution with the capacity to transform the lives of bright, multi-talented learners who come from a wide range of backgrounds.

BAFEL provides richly varied and exciting education in a friendly, nurturing environment.

Programmes offered are of a unique character, progessive and executed unconventionally.
We want to fire learners’ imaginations and arouse their intellectual curiosity. We know our learners will be tomorrow’s leaders and we want to help them develop the drive and skills they will need for their future careers, alongside the confidence to aim for the top and pursue their ambitions with determination and enthusiasm.


BAFEL is also an exciting club and thriving community of learners. It is an academy where learners are taught to think by teachers who inspire them. BAFEL’s renowned academic pre-eminence is a result of learners learning the skills of intellectual enquiry and debate, and applying them with relish well beyond the confines of school syllabus. At BAFEL, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between traditional learning and modern methods.

Our teaching combines the strengths of both traditional methods such as the direct lecture system, and critical reading and writing, with the progressive system such as the humanistic approach, principled eclectism,and communicative language teaching. All of this is done through philosophy, case studies, team projects, games, pair share, discussions, critical inquiry and the association process (link system) to give a refreshing educational approach.

This is a unique academy; where the learners’ innate curiosity, intellectual rigour, the questions they ask, and the interest they demonstrate for the world around them – through seeing, hearing, tasting and experiencing – all demonstrate what makes BAFEL learners distinctive. The BAFEL environment fosters a culture of scholarship, creativity and enquiry.

Our Unique Approach

Feeding students endless content to remember (that is, declarative sentences or “facts” to remember) is akin to repeatedly telling someone to stop running who is, unfortunately, already at rest. At BAFEL, we generate results from the learner – we show them the avenues to acquire knowledge, understanding and the questioning that they need to arrive at solutions, conclusions and ultimately success in education at all levels.

This is typically what ‘education’ means in our society today. Instead, students need questions to turn on their intellectual engines, and they must themselves generate questions from our questions to get their thinking to go somewhere. Critical thinking is of no use unless it goes somewhere, and again, the questions we ask determine where our thinking goes. It is only when our thinking goes somewhere that we learn anything of value to us.

Like our students, we work hard at our studies. We analyse our classes and teaching styles; constantly aiming to perfect. It is always possible to improve – there is a science to teaching. By evaluating the details of education – large and small – we provide the best possible atmosphere for our students to learn.

Our Educators

Our teachers are passionate about their subjects and are highly knowledgeable. They venture well beyond the assessed programme, inspire students to respond to their questioning curiosity and bring rigour and playfulness with them as well. All of them have taught in local schools and are well aware of the Singapore education system.

Vision and Values

BAFEL aims to provide a broad-based UK-developed British-style education designed to enable learners discover their strengths, and to make the most of their talents within BAFEL and beyond. The vision of BAFEL is to be at the forefront of education through –

The pursuit of English excellence

The development of each individual’s talents in linguistic, creative and social skills

The encouragement of learning beyond what one is taught